Glitter with ethics

2017 was the year we covered ourselves and our coffee in glitter. It was one of the biggest trends this past year and I don't see it dying anytime soon – nor does our environment. So for 2018 I suggest we start making it biodegradable!

Glitter never goes away, literally: it's a microplastic and therefore highly polluting. Just like microbeads – which have recently been banned in the UK – glitter is too small to be filtered out in water treatment plants. That means it ends up in the body of water and that's where it will stay, settling in the seabed, and being ingested by plankton, fish and other marine life. I don't know about you, but I think it's highly unlikely that “glitter tongues” are a “viral beauty trend” in the ocean.

Thankfully, there is no need to give up the sparkle just yet. Recently, more and more companies are selling biodegradable glitter. Its particles are made of cellulose which is, according to wikipedia, the most abundant organic polymer on Earth. Apparently, it is also softer and more delicate on the skin than regular plastic glitter, despite looking exactly the same!

These are just some of the places I found where you can shop bio glitter from. And yes, all of them ship internationally. (UK) (UK) (UK) (UK) (UK) (Germany) (Denmark) (US)


If you search for "biodegradable glitter" on Amazon, that alone will give you a ton of results as well.

Hopefully, in time, bigger companies will replace the material in their cosmetic glitter products for the biodegradable alternative. There have been so many exciting and innovative glitter makeup formulas coming into the market, it's a shame that most of them aren't environmentally friendly. Why not take a hint from Lush, which uses bio glitter for all of their shimmer bath products? Which is convenient, since bath products are the main culprit of glitter pollution - it goes directly down the drain!

Because it would be wasteful, we can't just go and throw away all the glitters we've collected through the years, so I will leave you with a tip for removing it from your body safely without washing it into the sink: sticky tape. Press it onto the area, the glitter will stick to it, and you can put it directly in the bin. It still won't break down the microplastic, but at least it doesn't get in the waterways.

I hope we all come together to support more eco-friendly alternatives and continue to sparkle our way through life more responsibly.


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