VOXPOP: Anticlone Movement Embodied (II of VIII)

VOXPOP: Anticlone Movement Embodied (II of VIII)

We unearth through the masses of fakery to discover a collection of individuals that personify self-expression and individualism. They embody Anticloneism, a term originally created by Sade English to represent those who do not conform to suit society.  Choosing to live instead of simply existing, each of these individuals express who they are honestly, live their beliefs, act without care for the approval of others, proving it is possible to not conform to suit society. And do so fearlessly.

Art Direction by Sade English

Photography by Phillip Prokopiou

Photography Assistance by Panos Poimenidis and Mihalis Intzieyannis

Make-up by Luke Harris

Interview by Gabriella Gasparini

Photo by Phillip Prokopiou

Photo by Phillip Prokopiou

Luke Harris, 26, Make-up Artist & Designer

If your skin is a canvas, is it for you or is it for others to decor?

I like to think of my skin as a wiped clean drawing board.


"I is another", said Arthur Rimbaud. Who is this "I" and how much of it is represented through your skin and what you wear?

If I were truly represented through what I wear and paint. It would be wise to think I have a personality disorder or am a shape-shifting mythological creature.


Are your clothes an extension of your skin?

I was once told “black really washes you out" by an older relative. At the time, I had no paint on, so I guess it [the black] would have contrasted against the bluey pale pink complexion of a hangover. I wear black clothing for ease and as a backdrop for the make-up I do. My clothing and skin have the effectiveness of pastel chalk on black paper.


There exists a duality between mind and body: sometimes the body doesn't correspond to the mind and vice versa. Can an equilibrium between the two be achieved and how?

My mind, gut and heart have arguments constantly, but I'm enjoying the chaos of butterflies and headaches.


What's the weather like underneath your skin?

There's an electric storm lurking on the horizon, but it stays parallel to my movements. Not frightening. Just there.


“I'm sick to death of this particular self. I want another”, said Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. Are we defined by our identity and our portrayed style or can we kill these characters of our lives off at any point to move on?

People do rely on aesthetics. Re-introducing myself and having to build relationships a few times because of alopecia and regrowth, I've realized that if I wanted to I could wipe clean this life and start fresh, but it is the identity we create that can be used as a tool to create that identity stamp. Like a tattoo in someone's memory.


In a world increasingly governed by trends, fads and algorithms, how can we encourage people to really be themselves as opposed to copies of others?

"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants", said Isaac Newton. The world is all just appropriation, but it's important to do it appropriately. We grow by learning and we create by being inspired. As long as we notice (and credit) who we were influenced by, or simply how we have been influenced, you can find the niches to create your own identity.


How has society affected your evolution with self-expression?

My 'neutral', unpainted state is pale, clean-shaven-bald, in black clothing. It's apparently already enough to cause stares and turn heads. My curious mind obsesses about what thoughts are behind them regarding my 'can't do anything about my skin' state. So, painting my head and choosing what I wear gives me control over where the stares land and how people are provoked. I play with the staring now and am happy to join the rush hour as a red eyed, red-skinned me just as much as a pale thing in black drape.

A Face in Me, an exhibition by Judas Companion

A Face in Me, an exhibition by Judas Companion

VOXPOP: Anticlone Movement Embodied (I of VIII)

VOXPOP: Anticlone Movement Embodied (I of VIII)