VOXPOP: Anticlone Movement Embodied (IV of VIII)

VOXPOP: Anticlone Movement Embodied (IV of VIII)

We unearth through the masses of fakery to discover a collection of individuals that personify self-expression and individualism. They embody Anticloneism, a term originally created by Sade English to represent those who do not conform to suit society.  Choosing to live instead of simply existing, each of these individuals express who they are honestly, live their beliefs, act without care for the approval of others, proving it is possible to not conform to suit society. And do so fearlessly.

Art Direction by Sade English

Photography by Phillip Prokopiou

Photography Assistance by Panos Poimenidis and Mihalis Intzieyannis

Make-up by Luke Harris

Interview by Gabriella Gasparini

 Photo by Phillip Prokopiou

Photo by Phillip Prokopiou


If your skin is a canvas, is it for you or is it for others to decor?

My skin is solely for me, myself and I. I believe it is another form of a canvas, yes. Canvas being an object of expression for an artist; to me, my skin is a sense that enables me to express my individualism and mind. We are all individuals, to be born and simply exist to allow it to be something for another to décor, to me, makes no sense at all. This is not living, only existing. This is why I have never understood the desire to be a model or to use models when showcasing collections. I feel working and collaborating with individuals rather than models enables you to capture a beautiful dynamic and honest persona through a lens. Which is why this project has come about. Our skin is our canvas, embracing individualism and my own identity brings both skin and mind together. There’s no way, shape or form my identity will be for others to decor.


“I is another”, said Arthur Rimbaud. Who is this “I” and how much of it is represented through your skin and what you wear?

What I wear does not solely represent who I am, to an extent, it also introduces my identity. However, it would be ignorant to believe that you can judge someone by their appearance only. My tattoos for example represent my ancestral history. Symbols I’ve merged together originating from Africa and Peru to signify to a stranger where I am from, while a few of the symbols signify life challenges, knowledge and toughness representing what I wish to embrace. It is just a small introduction to who I am. However, tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, so I dress and express myself for now, for today. Judging simply what I wear would only give someone a chapter, not my story. I believe myself and everyone I respect truly as individuals are too complex for our clothing alone to tell people what we are.


Are your clothes an extension of your skin?

Clothes are extension of my skin and mind. I truly never have understood why people are so keen on looking the same or dress to fit other people’s ideologies like, for example, being ‘on trend’. To allow a job role such as ‘trend forecasters’ to even exist yet alone to tell me what I should wear is ridiculous. Everyone is so keen on being accepted by society and by others than themselves. My clothes represent my identity and skin, from the layering, oversized shapes, textures and re-construction of the human body. I identity as human rather than the basics, such as my sex or my skin colour. My second collection itself was called “Skin”, as clothing does speak volumes. Sight is one of, if not the strongest sense that enables us to create our own opinions. Clothes therefore are a major extension of who we are.


"Under this mask, another mask. I will never be finished removing all these faces", once said Claude Cahun, one of the first artists to question the role of gender. Is your skin your mask and, if so, is it for protection or aesthetics?

My skin is not my mask, I express who I am through everything I do. To some degree it was once a protection perhaps. I’m now of an age that allows me to analyse myself to a more in-depth degree and to understand that I may appear to be very ‘intimidating’ or ’serious’ to others simply down to the choices of clothing and make-up I wear. The reality is I am quite delicate and very complex and emotional as an individual. However, does this mean I should follow what is expected of these characteristics and wear delicate pink, stereotypically feminine hues and appear like a delicate rose through dress. Why must I seem so obvious? Instead, having these characteristics explains to others why I protect myself and keep my friendship circle close. However, I’m aware that my appearance can seem very severe. I have even been told I ‘look too strong’ to others-specifically straight men. Is it possible? No, I am human, and very strong, yet very delicate; Basically, I’m a clear example that your appearance does not entirely display who you are. Yes, I am strong, but don’t assume that means I won’t cry watching an SPCA advert. Dogs are everything! So fucking cute! You catch my drift?


What’s the weather like underneath your skin?

Cold, goosebumps commonly rise due to changes in life, though it’s dark there are glimpse of bright sunlight breaking through, bright white or grey clouds continuously, thanks to the laughter, love and moments that arise when with close friends, content moments when projects and new connections unfold, and when I meet enlightened individuals who give me hope away from our clone like society.

VOXPOP: Anticlone Movement Embodied (III of VIII)

VOXPOP: Anticlone Movement Embodied (III of VIII)