Sade English: Anticlone Embodied

In the crossing between art and fashion, that's where you will find Sade English. This collaboration with visual artist Josh Faux takes the imagery beyond traditional photography to express her unwillingness to conform to society's set of rules. 

Young Monday

Alex Black explores a serendipitous encounter with a stranger. First attracted to him, she fell into a vortex of never ending questions. 

My body is a cage

Clear, clean forms opposed to round shapes are used to create contrast and meaning. Once again, photographer Tamara Hansen plays with the subject of the human body, exploring form and size to cast a new light on beauty. 

Reveal and revel

No bells and whistles. No censorship. In this short video, Tamara Hansen celebrates the female body in all its diversity and invites you to join in. “We are all the same underneath, it’s the different shapes and sizes that make our differences so interesting”. An invitation to self-love.