All in Beauty

My body is a cage

Clear, clean forms opposed to round shapes are used to create contrast and meaning. Once again, photographer Tamara Hansen plays with the subject of the human body, exploring form and size to cast a new light on beauty. 

Reveal and revel

No bells and whistles. No censorship. In this short video, Tamara Hansen celebrates the female body in all its diversity and invites you to join in. “We are all the same underneath, it’s the different shapes and sizes that make our differences so interesting”. An invitation to self-love.

Tuttii Fruittii with a Toni on top

They are hair sculptors, make-up artists, performance artists and fashion stylists just to name a few. More recently, Tuttii Fruittii and Toni Tits have had to become activists in order to fight for their home, a building in Deptford (South East London) that congregates several other artists under the same roof.