Millions of pounds are made off the low self-esteem caused by the confrontation of oneself with the established beauty ideal. The system wants you vulnerable at its feet. We want to kick them in the balls. 

We disdain the pop culture that makes young women think that the best thing they can be is sexy. If that makes us feminists, so be it. 

We don't want to be in Taylor Swift's posse nor have any interest in Kim Kardashian's latest selfie. Celebrity worship is not a part of our brand culture. Instead, we think that people should be considered extraordinary for their achievements, thoughts or struggles. 

Editorial independence is the basis of our work. Every stylist, editor and writer has the freedom to highlight a product, brand or company without interference from the owners of the publication or its marketing department. We sell advertisement pages, not our consciences. 

We love fashion and we are not ashamed of it. 

We believe in a government for the people, not the corporations. Many are disillusioned with mainstream politics and have turned their backs to it. We want to connect readers with the world around them so that they feel empowered to affect it. We are not going to tell you what to think or what to wear. Our mission is to spark people's imagination and cultivate opinion.

Ideas can change the world.


Editor-in-chief: Ana Brasil

Features Writer: Gabriella Gasparini

Art Director: Mark Robson


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